And more unfortunately, it was the wrong choice of winter tires, or inadequate understanding of driver characteristics, often if not the main reason, one of the factors that made possible the occurrence of accidents on the road. And this is especially true for winter.

And all because the majority of motorists too underestimate the impact of rubber on road safety.

For starters, the first truism is no universal rubber. Each modern tyre is designed for specific operating conditions, and we are talking not only about the temperature of the air around the car! It should be understood and taken into account when selecting the rubber.

Immediately derive the truism No. 2: the more "versatility" is the worse characteristics of rubber in a given specific conditions. Technology, of course, is not standing still, but the way to create a tire that is absolutely not change under different operating conditions, no one has yet invented.

And most importantly: remember that no winter tyre, under any circumstances (even if they are favorable), and in any situation, will not be able to allow You to maintain winter and summer driving. You have to live with the fact that in winter the average speed will reduce by at least 20%, and the distance to the vehicle in front to increase at least twice. In addition, if You're a fan of the nervous throwing of a number in a row in the plug - in winter it is best to forget, despite the fact that the "gap" between cars in the stream increase.

In future articles we will talk in more detail about choosing the right winter tires.