Steve Nun. "The city through time", "a Street through time"

Two wonderfully illustrated book by British historian Steve Nun "City through time" and "a Street through time" to talk about the origins and development over the centuries typical European city and a city street. The city's history is the history of people who lived in it.

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  • In Hong Kong, thousands of protesters erected barricades

    In Hong Kong the fifth day of protests, demanding the democratization of the electoral system. On the night of September 30, demonstrators began to build barricades and storing water and food, preparing for a long campaign. Police still reluctant, the night passed without collisions.

  • Operation "Archimedes": in Latvia found 13 stolen cars of a class "Lux"

    More than a thousand detained and seized two tons of banned substances is the result of the operation of Europol in the fight against organized crime. An unprecedented campaign called "Archimedes" was held with great efficiency. In operation also participated and Latvia. In particular, our police during this time found 13 cars of a class "Lux", previously stolen in the EU.

  • Plowman was capped 19-year-old Labicana

    Head coach of the Latvian football Marjan Plowman announced the list of the 22 players who will be preparing for home matches in the qualifiers for the European championship 2016 with teams Iceland and Turkey.