The government decided on the base of property tax

On Tuesday, July 26, the government approved the bill, which next year will remain at the current level of the base of cadastral value used in the calculation of property tax.

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  • Named the exact timing of the opening of alien life

    Astronomers from the US and the EU confirmed the existence of close red dwarf TRAPPIST-1 three earth-like exoplanets, two of which are located in a potentially habitable zone. Experts also said the exact timing of the discovery of possible life on celestial bodies, according to the journal Nature and the publication of The Independent.

  • Do not go, children, forest walk: sculpture Park in Finland, impossible to forget

    For those who want to “secure extreme and unforgettable experiences, always open for free, the sculpture Park of Veijo Renkonen in Finland. The Park is almost five hundred sculptures of concrete, and some of them are not only provocative, but frankly creepy. Last year, the us magazine Conde Nast Traveler, the Park was in the top the most frightening one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

  • To change the name will become harder and more expensive

    To change the name will become more difficult and more expensive. The Ministry of justice drafted a new law that more strictly stipulates the manner of change of personal data, according to the program "900 seconds" TV channel LNT.