Pathologist: to determine the cause of death Churkin needed a new check

To determine the cause of death, the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin requires further examination, said the new York medical examiner who conducted the autopsy on the body of a diplomat.

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  • Reuters: Washington hinted the EU "policy of hostility" trump

    A week before that, as Vice-President Mike Pence visited Brussels, where he assured European partners, the unwavering support of Washington's European Union, Steve Bannon, chief strategist of the White house in the new administration of Donald trump, met with the German diplomat and expressed diametrically opposed positions of the United States.

  • George Clooney commented on the pregnancy of his wife

    George Clooney, preparing to become a father for the first time in his 55 years, told how his friends now make fun of him. According to friends of the couple, the actor literally glows with joy, and they make fun of him at every meeting, depicting a crying infant. The actor himself commented on the pregnancy of the wife just now.

  • Polaris will meet with the publicist Natalie the Ketner

    25 February at 15:00 in the café bookstore Polaris (t/C Domina Shopping) will meet with the publicist and ethnographer Natalia the Ketner that tells about little-known pages of history of Latvia in the previously unpublished manuscripts of an Orthodox priest, Aderrasi (Ogre region) Janis Licis (1832 - 1905). Fragments of local history research was included in the recently published book the Ketner "In search of a better life" about the Latvian colonies in Russia.