Erdogan has threatened the EU to open the Turkish border to a new flood of refugees

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not rule out that it can open its borders to the passage of Syrian refugees in Europe, reports TASS.

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    Kuchinskis, taking over the post of Prime Minister: "From this day you just Straujuma"

    As of Thursday, 11 February, the Saeima approved the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers, headed the previous government Laimdota Straujuma will have transferred its powers to the new Prime Minister Marisa Kuchinskisa. In a farewell speech, she promised his successor that easily at the head of the government will not, and wished to be able to sleep at least five hours a day.

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    The white house intends to protect Ukraine along with NATO countries

    In Washington called Ukraine a country which required protection by the U.S. and NATO on a par with those included in the Alliance on the Eastern flank of Hungary, Romania and the Baltic States. This writes The New York Times referring to sources in administration of the President of the United States.

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    VIDEO: Wild elephant wrecked half the city in India

    The mad elephant ran into the streets of the Indian city of Siliguri in the Eastern part of the country and trampled a dozen houses, motorcycles and cars. Perepechina the locals didn't know how to cope with the giant. The guards managed to subdue the animal several hours, according to the British broadcaster BBC.

  • Marina Stepnova. Somewhere near Grosseto

    New book of famous Russian writer Marina Stanovoy ("Surgeon", "Women of Lazarus") "somewhere near Grosseto" is a collection of stories about people who are not usually noticed, and they seem to be doing everything to remain invisible.

  • The husband does not give money: two in the family budget and money rapredelyatsya wrong

    Hello! My husband and I live together for almost 12 years and we have two children. And relationship something. The fact that we are different budgets. I got mine, my husband. The husband earns enough, but for some reason me and the kids to him all the time sorry money. My budget is spent for children, and food, and for my personal needs and pay the rent. Because of this situation I can't think of anything to buy. Can't understand — is this greed? Stinginess? Or what? Of course, I'm talking to him about it — but he did not want to hear. How do I talk to him and how to settle this question? Anastasia