In the bus Tallinn - Riga border guards found drugs

According to the press center of the State border service (SBS),September 1, during the inspection of the international bus, following the route Tallinn - pärnu - Riga, were found drugs.

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    Day special prices in Tulikivi

    5 and 6 September beauty furnaces "Tulikivi" invites you to a "special Day"prices. We will tell about yourself, about new products, share professional secrets and tips on what to do to account for gas and electricity never spoil your mood. In addition, many models of furnaces, we have prepared a wonderful offer price that will pleasantly surprise you. Ordering oven now, you can significantly reduce the cost of heating this heating season.

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    Who and what is a student at English language Centre, Riga business school?

    Good day. My name is N I am a teacher of English language.
    - Hello.
    - What brought You to us? How do You use English?
    - You know, I will be Frank. I do business and I like all your important contacts. I thought I'd come to you to teach English people with whom I felt would be interesting and useful to communicate. So I decided to combine business with pleasure, i.e. to make new contacts and improve English.*

    *Translation from English.

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    In Kazakhstan puzzled by Putin about Russian world

    Replica of the President of Russian youth forum "Seliger-2014" in response to the question about the future of Kazakhstan, has caused a strong reaction in a neighboring state.

  • Fidel Castro compared the NATO members with the Nazis

    Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro compared the representatives of NATO countries with the Nazis. The opinion he expressed in an article published in the online edition Cubadebate. The policy of the U.S. and European countries, he said, in the near future will result in collapse and the dollar and the Euro will depend on the yuan and ruble.