Website: the police was taken to the hospital aggressive man

The evening of 25 October the Riga municipal police (RMP) received a call in Tornakalns, where in one of the apartments was an aggressive man.

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    The tragedy in the Park: a young man committed self-immolation

    On the night of October 26 to the control of the State firefighting and rescue service the call was received on Riga street in Daugavpils, where the fire occurred. However, as the portal, at the specified address, rescuers found a charred body.

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    VIDEO: after a save by the goalkeeper "Zenith" has lost two teeth

    Last night in the match of the regular championship of NHL got the first number "Tampa Bay lightning" Ben Bishop. The goalkeeper "lightning" has lost two upper front teeth after being hit by a puck in the mask.

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    The greatest difficulties delivers parallel Parking

    At the end of last week in the underground car Park at EuroPark shopping centre Origo hosted the second session within the framework of initiatives ParkoSkola. Drivers instructors school of safe driving (DBS) has honed the skills of setting the vehicle in different situations. The greatest difficulties the participants that delivers Parking parallel to the edge of the roadway, especially in conditions of intensive traffic.

  • In Aluksne snow cover increased to 10 cm

    In alūksne was formed snow cover is 10 cm thick, according to the Latvian centre environment, Geology and meteorology. 5 inches of snow laying on the ground in Zoseni and Lubana.

  • Property tax: what are the schemes of works, the Ministry of Finance

    The current model of property tax suits neither the state government nor the owners. In the corridors of power are hard at work on a new system. The Finance Ministry has decided on two of their six originals, which revealed obvious shortcomings. Unfortunately, none of the proposed models does not relieve the owners of the only estate from tax.

  • Riga drove dead drunk driver: in his blood was more than 5 ppm

    On Sunday, around 15.00, the employees of police who conducted the speed control on the street krustabaznicas, noticed the approaching at high speed car. Instead the allowed 50 km/h the driver who drove the VW was driving at 91 km/h to Stop it was only on street Ezermalas which.

  • Buy me this: the poll showed, as in Latvia, shopping

    According to a study* conducted in October of this year, the Swedish brand Halens, 84% of Latvians do not consider myself a Shopaholic. At the same time, 39% of respondents at least once a month a few times a week, make an unplanned purchase. Interestingly, wanting to be pampered, to cheer you up or reward for some achievements, Latvians prefer to buy garments and various "Goodies".