About the life of Britney Spears will shoot a feature film

About the life of American singer Britney Spears will shoot a film, reports The Hollywood Reporter. The project deals with the Lifetime channel. Starring Natasha Bassett ("hail Caesar!")

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  • The danger outside: how to protect children from them

    Probably there is no mom that would be absolutely calm for the baby, releasing him into the street. Unsurprisingly, even the familiar yard is fraught with many dangers. And no matter how many years Chad: "adventures" in the yard can find and toddlers, and older children. Of course, this does not mean that the child needs to be imprisoned within four walls, but you need to know about some of the threats and how to avoid them, writes Леди

  • Died French writer Michel Butor

    The French writer Michel Butor, one of the representatives of the "new novel" in French literature, has died at 89 years of age. He died in a hospital in the village of Contamines-sur-Avre, the newspaper Le Monde.

  • Focus: What would happen if Hitler won the war

    75 years ago German forces invaded the Soviet Union, winning victory after victory. If Hitler had won the war, unenviable fate awaited not only Jews, but also Slavic population of Eastern Europe, writes in an article for the German newspaper Focus Harald Wiedersein.

  • Called junk to conceive children months

    British doctors have called the most unwanted to conceive children months. A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, and briefly about it reports the Telegraph.

  • German media: In the Czech Republic even Putin has become more popular Merkel

    Before the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the Czech Republic to German newspaper Die Welt reports that the German was quite popular among Czechs and was considered an ally (at the best of times she trusted more than 70% of Czechs). But its current "politics of hospitality" Merkel has made an enemy for many Czechs.