In the airspace of the Baltic States — military-air doctrines of the NATO

On April 25 and 26 in the airspace of the Baltic States, mainly over Lithuania, will pass military-air doctrines of the NATO Ramstein Alloy, according to the Ministry of defence of Lithuania.

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    Doctors have called the most affordable way to lose weight

    American experts came to the conclusion that prevention of obesity is important to sleep properly and, in particular, to sleep at least 7.5 hours. On their study in which was discovered a correlation between sleep and weight loss told health magazine Psychoneuroendocrinoligy, according to

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    Experiment DELFI. Two euros a day: life or survival?

    According to statistics, the risk of poverty in Latvia is subject to a five: it is assumed that he lives - or survives - less than 318 euros per month. What does it mean really? How does the life of a man for whom on account of every eurocent? Portal Delfi starts a social experiment, in which a young man tries to live one month with a budget of 2 euros a day.

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    Marine Le Pen resigned as leader of the National front

    Candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen declared that depart from the leadership of the party "national front" to focus on the second round of presidential elections.

  • Media: the United States cut financial assistance to Ukraine nearly 70%

    The leadership of the United States in 2018 intends to cut financial assistance to Ukraine nearly 70%, according to Foreign Policy with reference to the text of the budget document. Initially, Washington was planning to allocate to Kiev more than $570 million, but this amount was reduced to $177 million

  • A rating of "Consent" in April reached the highest positions

    In April the rating of the social democratic party "Consent" has reached its highest recent position with 23%, said the transfer LTV "Panorama" with reference to the SKDS survey about who would be residents voted in the elections of the Saeima.