The tragedy in the Eastern hospital when you are falling from the 11th floor died a man

Last Monday in Riga Eastern clinical hospital from the 11th floor fell the man, who died at the scene.

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  • Virgil, Tanaz. Saint-Exupéry

    The author of a biography of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the famous French playwright and writer, Virgil Tanaz, presents us with a portrait of his hero free from surrounding his identity myth. The one mother was called in my childhood "the sun king", over time, have created their own creativity, trying, as he himself said, "all to make as better", and created their own destiny — the destiny of man, confident that life has meaning only through the sacrifices brought in the name of duty, in the name of the people.

  • VIDEO: Scooter decided to show off. Did not work.

    It was in Purvciems. "The driver of the scooter crossed the intersection, and then decided to hit the drive on the rear wheel. After a few seconds, the guy fell off the scooter. Fortunately, has not suffered", - says an eyewitness.