According to the site tires are made from hot rubber mix in special forms. The inner surface forms with smooth themselves, and some are lubricated with special grease for easier extraction of the finished tire from the mold. This technology is universal for all brands and models of tires, both summer and winter.

The result immediately after the production surface of the tread of the new tire is completely smooth and not porous, as the structure of the rubber, but still contain the remains of the factory grease form. It is quite natural that as long as the tires are not "adapting" to the road and the tread will not be erased grease - their basic properties will be strongly underestimated. This is especially true for winter tyres on wet and/or slippery roads.

That is why experts strongly advised to exercise extreme caution on the road in the first 500-700 km on new tires.

These recommendations a little touch of resource tires - it is primarily about the safety of driving. From the point of view of resource tires in the running absolutely do not need.