Come the master class offered to prepare four Norwegian cuisine, Georgian, Greek and Turkish dishes.

What I was amused, and that is, that using a simple device, fish, in this case, salmon, one may smoke in the home.

Send words taste lobio I can't do that, so strange, this dish is "sound" with spices and sauce.

Well as to the Greek dishes I always had a weakness, so the meat of lamb with olives from Kalamata am not amazed - I never came across tasteless Greek dishes. And this food was not the exception.

Now I will tell a little about the Turkish dessert. Halva and ice-cream (cream 35% fat)prepared with the help of liquid nitrogen, can be called "goodbye waist". No wonder the standards of female beauty in the Eastern countries are somewhat different from our European. But, as I saw, the local ladies too willing to taste sweet dessert, not fearing the spoil your figure.

And how cleverly Martins Sirmais led the process of preparation of the above courses, you can see by viewing the proposed video...