the Court decided to suspend the broadcasting of Russian channels during the dispute about the legitimacy of their work, submitted by the National Council on television and radio broadcasting on March 24. As reported in the SBU, the lawsuit was submitted to the company which is the main relay these channels. The company, which was discussed in the Ministry did not name.

How UNIAN reports, the ban covers four Russian TV channels: RTR, "First channel", "Russia-24" and NTV, whose programs national Council on the eve demanded to be recognized as not corresponding to the Ukrainian and international legislation. According to the data for March 25 for the transmission of television channels stopped 334 of 703 Ukrainian providers, informs "Interfax" referring to the statement of the Ministry.

national the Council on television and radio broadcasting has demanded to stop broadcasting on the territory of Ukraine channel "Vesti", "Russia 24", "First channel. World network", "RTR Planeta" and "NTV - Mir" on March 11. Such measures at the office explained by the need to ensure information security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. A number of providers refused to turn off the Russian TV channels.

Limitations on the broadcasting of Russian channels were introduced after the Crimea, the government refused to recognize the new authorities in Kiev to cut off the broadcasting of all the Ukrainian TV channels, accusing them of "one-eyed" coverage of the situation on the Peninsula, distorting facts and anti-Russian propaganda.