The seized cocaine was intended for the Spanish market of Frankfurt arrested a Colombian was going to go to Barcelona, writes the Frankfurter Rundschau.

Andrea C. after arrival in Frankfurt caused suspicion among customs officers. In the end, it was decided to interrogate the girl, according to Bild. During a more thorough inspection and the conversation we found out that the girl "was carrying in each breast 500 grams of cocaine".

The suspect was taken to the hospital, where the surgeons during the hours-long operation to cut out the girl cocaine implants. Currently Andrea is at the prison in Frankfurt, reports vestige.

In Europe and South America in recent years has been repeatedly detained female drug couriers with a curvy shape. In implants of suspects have found drugs.

For example, in August 2014 in Madrid have arrested a 43-year-old Venezuelan citizen who tried to smuggle in her breast implants 1.7 kilograms of cocaine.

Two years earlier in Barcelona was detained 20-the summer passenger with citizenship of Panama. The girl arrived from Bogota with a bandaged chest impressive size. This caused suspicion among police officers.

In conversation with police the girl said that two months ago she underwent plastic surgery. During the examination, in open wounds under the Breasts of the girl detectives saw a white substance. Moreover, the cuts were not even sewn.

Doctors removed the suspect implants, which were found in one kilogram and 377 grams of cocaine. The retail value of the seized contraband has reached 80 thousand dollars.

In 2011, police in Rome have detained at the airport 33-year-old Spanish model, who arrived on a flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil. One of the recesses for the transport of the drug model was equipped on his breast, under the bra, the other on the buttocks. The total weight of the seized drug amounted to 2.5 kg.

The last such case occurred in 2015 in Bogota. There at the airport arrested 22-year-old citizen of Honduras Paola Deianira Sabillon, which were sewn into the bust of the containers of liquid cocaine. She brought the infection, so after detention Sabian had to undergo treatment.