Humanitarian organizations, including Oxfam, Care and Save the Children accused the key forces influencing the situation in Syria, - Russia, USA, France and great Britain in the worsening humanitarian disasters through military actions conducted by them on the territory of the country, and lack of effective political pressure on the parties to the Syrian conflict. The level of violence greatly increased after the military intervention of Russia, stated in the report.

For 2015 in Syria killed at least 50,000 people. Nearly a million Syrians were forced to flee, 1.5 million are directly dependent on the delivery of humanitarian assistance. Destroyed 200,000 buildings, which is 20 percent more than in 2014. Were attacked by 112 hospitals and other medical facilities, exceeding the target of 2014 by 44 percent.

2 million children not in school

For 2015 the school has lost another 400 000 Syrian children. Thus, the total number of children deprived of access to primary and secondary education, has reached 2 million.

Humanitarian organizations have also complained that only 10 per cent of humanitarian convoys could cross the front line and get to the goal. A significant obstacle to aid delivery are the Russian bombardment, the document says. In addition, the airstrikes destroyed Russia residential infrastructure in Syria.

Arms shipments must stop

"Attacks on civilians and humanitarian workers must stop, - said the head of emergency Oxfam in Syria Andy Baker. - Russia, USA, France and UK should work together to put even more pressure on the conflict parties in Syria to put an end to the criminal blockade of entire cities and regions". In addition, it is necessary to stop the supply of arms to the belligerents in Syria to the parties, he urged.

The conflict in Syria escalated into civil war in March 2011. The flow of migrants from this country was the largest since the end of world war II. One in four of 22 million Syrians have fled abroad, said the Agency dpa. According to the UN, since the beginning of the war killed over 250,000 people.