What is Training center?
Training center is founded AS "Sadales tīkls" educational institution for further professional education and advanced training of adults. At the present time we offer two accredited educational programs, assigning professional qualifications for regulated professions in electric power industry — electrical engineer and electrician and check the knowledge of employees and assign them the group of electrical safety. We also provide a number of programs to improve the competence in the field of electricity, health and information technology.

As we are Training centre of distribution system operator, we provide a range of services unique in its own way, greatly influenced by technological development, equipment and materials used in the distribution network.

When founded its own Training centre that has changed since the beginning of its work?
Training center under different names working in the field of vocational adult education since 1985. Initially, training programs were designed only for employees, but today they constitute only half of the clients of the Training center.

How over the years has changed the goals and objectives of the Training centre?
In 30 years as technology has changed the processes and requirements in the labour market, and together with them — and the curriculum of the Training center. But one in the learning process remains the same — we teach safe work practices. All work must be performed safely and accurately, so as not to endanger themselves and others.

Over the years have also changed the approach to learning. 15 years ago the goal was to teach everything that could be useful in the work of a specific person. So, for example, training electricians cable lasted 3 months, and we were taught everything from electrical engineering to first aid and communication. Of course, they taught the technology of cable installation. Now we focus on technology.

We are also very actively working to make more educational materials available in an electronic environment. We see in providing this approach great added value, but it is also a very big challenge, as it requires our customers to change his thinking.

Tell us about the team of the Training center who teaches?
The team Training center is the people who themselves are willing to learn and improve their knowledge and skills. In the field of vocational education with adult students can only work with serious professionals who are also able to motivate and engage each learner, because the only way to achieve good results in their studies.

Can anyone go to the Training center for training?
To start training to become qualified as a rigger, you need to have at least basic education, and to qualify electrical equipment can only complete their secondary education. These professions are useful for those who wants to work in the electricity sector, as well as those who are already working in the industry, but has not received the relevant professional qualification.

We cannot say that our training programs are designed for anyone — it is not so. For example, the installation of the cable or overhead lines, or steeplejack work more usually associated with professional activity, not a pleasant pastime. We expect professionals who work in a particular industry and who need to top up knowledge and skills for professional activity.

On what the basic emphasis in the learning process, with what must be deemed to be interested to study with you?
Can you name two significant points: if the curriculum is the theoretical part, after the theoretical classes will need to pass a small test so that the learner himself is also convinced that the most important thing he realized and remembered. And where you want to work virtually, we are trying to provide.

What courses are most popular?
An important part of the services of the Training center is to check the knowledge of workers and protection of labour. With a detailed proposal of training programmes can be found on the company's website.

We are very proud of their programmes of further vocational training that in 2016, us market for labour trained 50 young professionals in the electricity sector.

Training center is also a forge for young staff AS "Sadales tīkls"?
We teach people before they became employees AS "Sadales tīkls". The number of employees in the industry is limited, and there are cases when employees of our contractors, who studied with us, come back later to the Training center as workers, AS "Sadales tīkls".

How many people were trained in the Training center since its establishment?
We have, unfortunately, no such statistics, although we would be very interested to know, but I can confidently say that in 2015 your knowledge in the Training center joined 5935 man.

Whether it is a paid education, are there any free courses?
The training at the training center. As we are a Training center operator of the distribution network, in the framework of the agreement of our technical equipment is also of benefit to other educational institutions, e.g. Riga technical University. Like other specialists, AS "Sadales tīkls", the teachers of the Training center are participating in a campaign on electrical safety, organized by the company in the Latvian schools. We also support various professional competitions in the sphere of electric power industry.

To whom and why it would be important to think about the possibility to enrich their knowledge in the Training center?
In the Training center of knowledge, but the emphasis is on improvement of skills. As I said, we are waiting for the professionals who work in a particular industry and need to improve their skills.

What brings the greatest satisfaction to the teachers team of the Training center?
Workers AS "Sadales tīkls" has the opportunity to contact the faculty and upon completion of training, to find out inaccurate questions, if any arose in the process, to consult with them. We are pleased each such consultation. We are satisfied, if the electrician says that through study he can correctly evaluate the risks and avoid an accident. Or when the client says that they will use the knowledge gained to improve the wiring in your home. Given that we are working with an adult audience, makes us very happy, if on completion of his studies someone adds: "but after 30 years doing this job. Thought — well what else would I teach? Was that still learned something new. Now I will use it in the work".