Scientists in large-scale survey first received convincing evidence that the top of the social hierarchy in Western society is a slender and tall man. First, as shown by scientists, mostly for women, second men.

Low growth, according to geneticists, leads to lower levels of education, low employment and lower income (particularly in men). For women, in turn, the most serious was obesity, which reduces their income.

As shown by scientists, every six inches to increase the annual income of men, on average about 2,3 thousand dollars, and obesity in women leads to the loss of approximately 4.2 thousand dollars.

Scientists do not know the explanation of obtained results. According to them, the poor survival rate of fat and short people can influence their possible complexes, the attitude of society and especially their social interaction.

In the survey of scientists was attended by nearly 120 thousand British men and women aged from 37 to 73 years. Specialists were interested in the height, BMI (body mass index), education, income and the index of deprivation Peter Townsend.

BMI is defined as the ratio of body weight (in kilograms) by the square of body length (in meters) and allows to determine the presence of overweight. The Townsend index allows to quantify the poverty of a person.