"Spring fatigue is a good excuse for laziness, but it is worth remembering that the best formula in order to drive away the Blues, movement in the fresh air, proper nutrition and vitamins", - with these words inspire future mothers author of the idea of the sports club pregnant Elina Dreimane. And he adds that developed coach Robert Radiocom lesson plan an active walk for the participants of the female race is gentle and help maintain good health always.

Pregnant women should not remain indifferent to the spring fatigue and sleepiness. Doctors explain that the so-called spring fatigue may be several reasons: the lack of sunlight in winter, possible accumulated fat, as well as the lack of vitamins and mineral substances. A few spring months is a very long period against the background of a General period of pregnancy, at this time doubly necessary to carefully assess their mobility and their diet is enough in him of vitamins and mineral substances. While each expectant mother may want to Wake up together with nature, you should remember: the fruits and vegetables that are on our table in the winter, contain very little vitamins, and by early spring reserves of the organism can already exhausted.

Gynecologist Dr. Daiga Baranovska, member of the Board of the Latvian Association of gynaecologists and specialists of obstetrics, stresses that the most important thing for every future mother - to consult with a specialist, who leads her pregnancy, not only about the problems or arising exciting situations, but also about good nutrition. The specialist also noted that it is impossible to generalize and apply to all pregnant issues associated with exercise, proper nutrition or more vitamins.

In this, it should be remembered that none of the vitamins that will not work, if their application is not accompanied by the principles of a healthy lifestyle. "Vitamins is not a magic wand, they do not act as catalysts bad habits or substitutes sedentary lifestyle. Vitamins are needed as a complement to daily walks on fresh air, the sun and nutritious food," explains Dr. Baranovska.

Sports club pregnant is independent group of expectant mothers, supporters of sports and healthy lifestyle. They got together to raise awareness of expectant mothers and to popularize among them are active and mobile lifestyle during pregnancy, and also encourage them thoughtfully to relate to their daily menu that during pregnancy, the body gets all the necessary for development of the baby nutrients.

Pregnancy is not a disease, but it is the mother bear the greatest responsibility for this period in her life was a success. Even with proper planning and a daily menu and include the necessary vitamins and minerals need to move to fresh air, to have all the necessary nutrients to processed and were assimilated by the body.