"Effect from the pogroms was the opposite: the political elite realized that people released pairs, and that in the foreseeable future, this will not happen again. Policy made another mistake in communication. It was then had to create a public Commission, start a real dialogue. If people keep in a desperate situation, we put in the angle. And then the only opportunity to blast... We are lucky that people in Latvia, mainly protesting "feet", - said the expert.

Розенвалдс also pointed to the error organizers of the action on dome square. According to him, it was impossible to let people from the area with a "sense of incompleteness". "People needed emotional discharge, and then there are those who shouted " come smash the Parliament", - he considers.

"To understand that people protested not against Godmanis or budget cuts, and against the fact that in this country they do not feel their own. Then a person comes to mind - and maybe something will change in such a way? Hope for change after the pogroms, and after the decree number two. And now the society is clinical depression. Someone well, that lives good, and who bad - he sees no way out. Observed the era of stagnation, loss of interest for the morrow", - said Розенвалдс.

Expert noted with regret that serious conclusions were not made nor after the pogroms, or after other tragic events. "After the tragedy in Maxima also seemed that everything will change. But after the death of people not been over 40 days, and much has been forgotten. Calls to "evaluate" already in the past. The only thing left is to have the desire someone put", - he explained.