The theme of federalization in Syria now attracts serious attention from the participants of the negotiations under the UN auspices. This idea supports not only Russia, but also some major Western countries, and appropriate proposals already submitted to the UN special representative on Syria, Staffan Yes Mistura, told the Agency on condition of anonymity, the diplomat when UN Security Council.

"While maintaining the territorial integrity of Syria, that is, when you save it as a single state, are considered the most different models of Federal structure of this country. Some models include very-very weak center and broad autonomy for different regions", — said the diplomat. Another diplomat at the security Council confirmed the words of his colleague.

The opposition against

Meanwhile, the Syrian opposition has very negative toward the idea of federalization of Syria. Just this week the United Syrian opposition in the face of the Higher Committee on negotiations (CPSU) rejected the suggestion of Russia that negotiators in Geneva on the Syrian settlement can agree to the federalization of Syria.

"Any mention of federalization or something that can open the path Syria is unacceptable for us. We have agreed to expand the authority of the Central government in a future Syria, but not about any kind of federalization or partition of the country", — said the coordinator of the CPSU Riyad Hijab.