"From the point of view of humanity Germany acted correctly, but from the point of view of security it is a complete failure," — said Ivanov.

He claims that Macedonia has proposed the exchange of information on suspected jihadists, but there is no response neither from Germany nor from the European Union.

"If we in the security relied not on themselves, but in Brussels, we would have already flooded streams of jihadists," says the Macedonian President.

According to him, Macedonian authorities seized a refugee 9000 fake passports. Ivanov suggests that with these documents on the "Balkan route" wanted to come out many radical Islamists.

"Macedonia is not a member state of the EU, protects Europe from an EU member, namely, — from Greece", — said the head of Macedonia, stressing that Athens was ready to skip across the border and further into Europe of the holders of false documents. However, even despite this, "Europe is not the case, to Macedonia", said Ivanov, judging by the fact that Greece "again received 700 million euros from the EU", and Macedonia — nothing.

Macedonia since 2005 is a candidate country for accession to the EU. Country, where from Greece are sent by the migrants, and the "Balkan route" to Western Europe, at the end of February 2016 stopped flowing the citizens of Afghanistan and intensified the inspection of documents arriving citizens of Syria and Iraq. A few months before that Skopje was allowed entry only to residents of those three countries.

29 February hundreds of migrants tried to break out of Greece on Macedonian territory through a metal fence at the border and began to throw stones at bottling them in the road police. In response, authorities used tear gas. Currently on the transition idomeni on the Greek-Macedonian border there are about 10,000 refugees.