The focus of the exhibition is the problem of postpartum depression, which is extremely topical for Latvia. This kind of mental disorder States every fifth young moms.
At the exhibition you can see photographs of the Performance of Balders and get familiar with the video message producer Lelde of Goby.

In your images, Maricic Balders showed the destructive power of postpartum depression, which is transmitted in the emotions and mood. In turn, the video can be recommended as a textbook. Young moms share it with our life experience. The tape will be interesting as future mothers and fathers, as well as their friends and loved ones.

The author of the social project "does Not stand alone! - founder and Chairman of the Board Debesmanna Iveta Paravani, which itself four years ago suffered from a syndrome of postpartum depression. It is my experience recognized as a woman with this type of mental disorder the necessary help and support of loved ones.

Iveta Paravani says that according to the latest world studies, approximately 15 % of women after childbirth depression: "unfortunately, society still of the opinion that the oppressed condition of women after childbirth is a common manifestation of laziness and it will soon pass. In fact, postpartum depression is a serious form of mental disorder, which can be released only after seeking the help of a doctor. Running and untreated depression may cause discord in the family, which will suffer not only the parents but also the children."

Psychologist and psychotherapist Diana-Zandt talks about how to recognize dangerous mental disorder: "the Main difference between depression from a state of sadness that mental disorder is of long standing. If a woman is in two weeks is in a state of bewilderment, if she is indifferent to what is happening in my life, and the present and the future looks gloomy colors, it needs help. First of all, we need to talk about their observations loved ones and to enlist their support. Do not be afraid to ask for help to the doctor. Emotional disorders can be greater or lesser gravity and only the therapist will be able to suggest how to deal with them".