In conversation with Agency LETA, she indicated that the calculations that were previously made by a trade Union, do not indicate such a significant impact on the budget. In this regard, lpro ask MES to provide the estimate and explain to her.

"It seems that this time went too far. So significant fiscal effect is not possible" — sure Vanaga.

As reported, for the introduction of alternative models of teacher salaries, made by the Director Excelsio high school Cheslav Batna, you may need to 68 million euros. As has declared yesterday after a meeting with Batna Minister of education and science Karlis Sadurskis, the specified amount will be required in addition to those already provided for in the budget of 27 million euros. This amount has not included teachers of pre-school education, said Sadurskis.

On the question of how much of the funds previously required for pre-school institutions on the model of Batni, Sadurskis said that the question of the sum about 30 million euros additionally from the state budget and EUR 60 million from the budget of local governments.

Thus, pre-calculated fiscal impact model, in addition to those already provided 27 million euros, will amount to 158 million euros.