"The feeling beloemigrantskimi gatherings in the mid 1920-ies..."

In Lithuania settled many of those who were uncomfortable or dangerous to live in today's Russia. In addition, Vilnius is one of the most active critics of contemporary Russian regime, so the venue was hardly chosen by chance.

"Forum of free Russia" gathered in Vilnius dozens of ex-Russians who consider themselves political refugees, as well as Russian opposition activists and human rights defenders. The most prominent and important among them - the Deputy of the state Duma Ilya Ponomarev, former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, opposition nationalist Daniil Konstantinov, the activist environmental movement Yevgeniya Chirikova, a former member of the government Alfred Koch. Also, among the famous participants of the Forum can be noted Lilia Shevtsova, Artemiy Troitsky, Alfred Koch, Bozhenov Rynska, Ilya Ponomarev, Alexander Morozov, Zoe Svetova, Lev Ponomarev, Andrey Illarionov and Andrey Piontkovsky.

The forum coordinator is the former head of the Tomsk branch of United civil front Harry Kasparov, the then Executive Director of the Solidarity movement, now a resident of Lithuania Ivan tiutrin. He told BBC, what the forum does. "I wouldn't want it associated with any one person. We just have created a platform the opportunity to meet people — those who left Russia and those who in Russia have remained," he said.

According to tyutrina, gathered for the forum "enemies of the Putin regime", and the Lithuanian authorities are well aware of the content of the forum and the tasks that he sets. "We can't collect such a concentration of enemies of the Putin regime and ask local authorities what they think about it", — explained Tyurin BBC.

In the words of another forum member, Daniil Konstantinov, the aim of the event is consolidation of Russian emigrants: "We believe that it is necessary to consolidate them — ideally to create a General structure and try to work together".

Ощущение белоэмигрантских посиделок. Что "враги путинского режима" и российские журналисты не поделили в Литве
Foto: DELFI.lt

How the forum performs its task without actually being there, hard to say (but you can read the report our Lithuanian colleagues). For example, Alfred Koch (pictured) from the forum "a terrible feeling beloemigrantskimi gatherings in the mid 20-ies of the last century". "Europe needs to destroy the Bolsheviks, otherwise they would destroy Russia." And at the same time: "red bread left for two months, until the fall they won't last", — writes it in Facebook.

"But in General, everything is cheerful and fun. As always, the most interesting — on the sidelines: Dating, contacts, conversations, arguments... Of the structural elements was said to give portable missile systems to the Syrian opposition that they had shot down Putin's aces. The common theme: Putin is the enemy of civilization, the West needs to stop him. But the West is too weak and cowardly to take a firm position," he said.

"In the fields" of the forum among its participants, such as Garry Kasparov and Alfred Koch was given an interview for DELFI (times, two), others, such as Yevgenia Chirikova, participated in a picket in support of Ukrainian pilots and MP Hope Savchenko, the trial of which is in Russia.

You have become Russia without any aggression. There is some danger. There are Pro-Russian politicians who are ready to pursue a policy similar to Putin inside the country is to stifle the media, the subjugation of the Parliament, the courts, to start the repression of the opposition. All that we see now in Hungary. Because there is no external invasion, but it gradually degenerates into a regime similar to Putin's.Alfred Koch in an interview with Delfi.lt

Before the scandal with the film crew of TV channel "Russia-24" the course of the forum illuminated the Lithuanian press. We can confidently say that the event took place almost at home. Anyway, Alfred Kokh, when listing the most interesting events of the forum in the first place put it is a conflict of Russian journalists with Garry Kasparov and Bozhenov Naryn.

The threat to the national security of Lithuania

Ощущение белоэмигрантских посиделок. Что "враги путинского режима" и российские журналисты не поделили в Литве
Foto: DELFI.lt

Journalists of the TV channel "Russia-24" — Pavel Zarubin and his crew — left Lithuania in the night of March 10. The day before, 9 March, they had charge of immigration officials of the country, who were to see to it that Zarubin was gone within 48 hours.

the journalist, formal complaints about him to the authorities of Lithuania no. "From the point of view of procedure, all was correct, no one is overpowered. The passports they had," said he. However, Zarubin underlined the absurdity of the film crew brought the charges: "restrictions on the rights of working journalists is not something to aspire to. They limit us in being able to work it is obvious that no crime, of crime we did not commit".

According to the representative of state security Department of Lithuania Vytautas Makauskas, Russian journalists were included in the list of undesirable persons "because of the threat to national security". In more detail, he refused to comment.

From press reports, the participants of several conflicts in Vilnius and Trakai and witnesses we can draw the following conclusion: the Russian journalists expelled for what they several times by force or deception was trespassing on private property — at the place where took place the events of the forum or its members lived. When this crew of TV channel has not been formally accredited to the forum, and in one case the event was closed to the press.

The first incident occurred on the evening of 8 March in the hotel in Codelists in Trakai region of Lithuania. The journalists had arrived by taxi and told the guard at the entrance that I came to pick up the person who participated in the forum. Then they got into the building, but in the hallway outside of the restaurant stopped them — they gave a microphone with the logo. In connection with the incident, the police were called, which brought the journalists. The event was not interrupted.

Bozena of Rynska in Facebook describes it's more dramatic:

"Erupted at a private dinner the Minister of foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius. Blatantly Purley on Lithuanian security, those stunned by the pressure and conceded, "Russia-24" put the camera in the hall where guests dined Linkevičius and began to shoot. To the Minister. Foreign Affairs. European States found yourself. Organizer rose, grabbed the microphone, began their set, and then the police arrived. Yes, Lithuanians are not Israelis. They have a slow response. Try to secure that for dinner for Bibi. Shoot, nah. Lithuanians think measured, you can rent them by the throat. But if a Lithuanian will know what it is, and weigh the pros and cons, take a decision, he may react rather harshly. As farmers".

According to a teacher of the Institute of international relations and political science of Vilnius University of Nerius of Maliukevicius, what did journalists "Russia-24" news provocation. "They are creating "news" and are playwrights, actors, victims," he said.

The second incident occurred on the morning of 9 March, when the journalists went to the hotel where he lunched Garry Kasparov and ignored requirements of employees of to stop shooting. During the confrontation a number of journalists "Russia-24" on one side and Garry Kasparov and Bozena Ryńskie on the other, the two sides exchanged "compliments", and Rynska even took journalists have a smartphone that they was filming the incident (it was later returned by the police).

And again the word Bozhenov Ryńskie:

"Again came with the camera and began to climb literally in the plate from Kasparov. Just the table was set, thinking that here in Lithuania you can type, no one will. Garry asked not to remove it and clearly said that he doesn't like it. "Russia 24" did not listen and continued to remove. And on camera and on the iPhone. The hotel Kempinski on the forum is forbidden any shooting, except authorized by the organizers of the forum. And as explained to me by one of the chiefs of state security, this is private property, and are established by the hotel rules. "Russia-24" could shoot through glass from the street. But I couldn't take pictures inside. This intrusion (not my term, Lithuanian bezopasnika). Therefore, by the combination of two trespassing (also not my term), and deported. They explained to me the people who made decisions, came too close, and twice, and the first warning is not heeded".

According to rynski, anti-Putin forum from Russian state TV filmed not only the TV channel "Russia-24", but why the defiant were only journalists. "For example, another Pro-Putin TV, standing on the street, asked for an interview with Koch. The hotel did not climb. At dinner the Minister of foreign Affairs too. And because they had not been touched and will not touch" — said Bozhena Rynska, which, by the way, have a criminal record for fighting with journalists and damaging their equipment. However, then suffered another TV station NTV.

From the point of view of the TV channel "Russia 24", the situation looks like this:

Note that the journalists of "Russia 24" not ignoring the requests of the organizers are different, sometimes more than formal events. For example, in 2013, a court in Boston threatened television sanctions for violation of the ban on the broadcast of the hearings on the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. And at the talks the "Quartet" in Minsk in February of last year, the journalist of the TV channel tried outside of the rules, to ask the question to the President of Ukraine that the security service had to intervene and literally shut her mouth. Video of the incident:

It seems that the "journalistic provocation" and ignoring the requirements for the "Russia-24" - quite normal practice. And yet there is no certainty that their actions — at least those PR