According to the American President, Putin is extremely interested in how to look equal partner of the United States, because he is "not such a fool". Obama recalled that the Russian economy is shrinking for the third year in a row.

"He understands that Russia's position in the world significantly deteriorated. Even the simple fact of the invasion of Crimea or attempts to support the Assad regime won't bring him back in the game," Obama said in an interview with the American edition of the Atlantic.

He added that his meeting with Putin took place in a businesslike manner, and the Russian President himself was very polite and very honest. "I never have to wait him for two hours, as some others," Obama said.

In the interview, he also made it clear that the U.S. is not ready to start a full scale war over Ukraine, which regardless of what Washington does will always be under the threat of military invasion from Russia.

Relations between Washington and Moscow deteriorated significantly after in March 2014 Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimea. In response, the US and its allies first imposed sanctions against individual Russian officials, and then against entire sectors of the Russian economy.

Further cooling of relations contributed to the outbreak of armed conflict in the Donbass, which Moscow has provided at least political support to the breakaway republics that advocated separation from Ukraine.

Against this background, the United States and its allies expanded sanctions against Russia, and the presidents of the two countries met for two years. First after a long break, the meeting was held in new York in late September. It discussed mainly the situation in the middle East.

After that in 2016 Russia and the USA acted as the organizers of the truce in Syria, which began in the country for the first five years of the civil war. In addition, last summer the US has said Russia's contribution to the achievement of the agreement on Iran's nuclear program.