How report to the Norwegian media, surgeons performed an operation with the help of an electric scalpel, when suddenly burst into flames alcohol-containing liquid used in open scarred for disinfection. As a result of incident the patient received the burns of the third degree.

We talk about a rare, but very unpleasant incident", - said chief doctor of the hospital Rolf Бусунд. "This case illustrates that, despite the development of modern medicine, doctors still have to be extremely careful," he added.

words Бусунда, in his 26-year-old practice, this is the first time during the operation alcohol-containing flammable liquid and there is a fire.

"Although personally not seen in the medical literature over the past years, such cases are described. In a couple of articles that I have read, says that the use of disinfectants may cause spontaneous combustion of the patient", - commented the head doctor of the hospital.

In Norway such incidents are rare, however, in other country they are recorded more often: in the United States last year alone were at least one hundred cases flames patients.

How explained the head of the medical institution, the Centre Гросмана in Los Angeles Dr. Peter Grossman, most often, inflammation occurs when electric tool or laser lights oxygen (despite the risk of such tools in medicine are used most often).

Two the main reasons why patients ignited on the operating table, oxygen and electricity. Tissues of the human body accumulate electricity and oxygen in such cases, serves as a kind of detonator", - said Grossman.