The man had planned to redevelop and, in particular, to move the fireplace. Trying to figure out if this is possible, he along with a friend took apart a fireplace panel, under which there was an envelope. Inside was an amount of almost 350 thousand Norwegian kroner (38 thousand dollars).

"First, we began to rejoice as if he won the lottery. But then I realized that these money are not mine," said lucky journalists. Then he decided to hand over the recovered funds to the local Foundation against cancer. In the organization confirmed receipt of the money.

After the story hit the media and they wrote the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, the Norwegian phone and its accounts in social networks have been inundated with messages. Many have decided to Express to the young man his respect.

"Many people say they would do the same thing, and it's nice to hear. It inspires faith in humanity", — commented on the public reaction to Torkildson. The article Dagbladet reported that he works as a real estate agent.