"Dear friends, I want to support in the person of Maria Sharapova all Russian athletes who experience problems in connection with positive doping tests to identify the so-called "doping" of Meldonium.

God, this is just ridiculous. My grandmother the last 6-7 years takes Mildronate (active ingredient Meldonium), and strangely, superbebotas did not, supernatural abilities never revealed, stamina has not increased.

Waiting for the list of prohibited substances and askorbinki Hematogen," wrote Isinbayeva.

The scandal with the use of Mildronate erupted in the last days, when its application was caught by a number of leading Russian sportsmen (ex-first racket of the world Maria Sharapova, five-time world champion skater Pavel Kulizhnikov, Olympic champion 2014 in the relay in short track Semyon Elistratov, Olympic champion and Sochi 2014 figure skater Ekaterina Bobrova, the volleyball player of Russian national team Aleksandr Markin, European champion in short track Ekaterina Konstantinova, the world Junior champion in biathlon Eduard Latypov).

The Creator of Mildronate Latvian Ivars kalvinš refused to consider the drug doping, noting that it protects the heart from stress, and prohibition of this substance by the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) has called a "violation of human rights".