The botnet, which includes about a hundred thousand devices, was active in the period from 23 December 2013 until 6 January 2014. During this time the attackers managed to send with it than 750 thousands of spam emails. More than a quarter of these messages were distributed with the help of consumer devices.

Information the attackers, who created a botnet, Proofpoint not provided.

Included in botnet devices are not the traditional computers, researchers from Proofpoint called "things-bots" (thingbots). According to experts, "smart" household electronics, the Internet connection is an easy target for hackers because it has no inherent computers protection systems - first of all, anti-virus and anti-spam.

In Proofpoint noted, that task attackers also facilitates the fact that users do not pay enough attention to the correct configuration of equipment. "Smart" appliances sometimes have a configuration problem