"Surveys conducted by research agencies, indicate that 78% of Latvia's population use the Internet. At least 50% of the population has ever purchased anything online stores. Last year during the season shifts rubber - October to mid-November - a keyword search for "bus" in the Google search engine was introduced about 80 000 times. Approximately 13% of all sold in Latvia tires were acquired using the services of online shops, which is a good indicator, widelystudied that our newly developed products will be successful," says Director of AD Baltic Nikolai Jenin.

The meaning of the new project is choosing tires to get the most objective information, at the same time finding out what the car will be easier to change tires.

"The biggest influence on the decision drivers for buying tires have three factors: personal experience, price and advice consultants. In other words, the human factor plays a huge role. In our project the human factor far in the first place. When choosing tires, buyer direct links gets on the results of objective tests of a particular model of tire, and can decide on their own. We also offer our customers the opportunity to participate in discussions on the forum where people share their experiences," says Jenin.

Another important aspect is that the project Riepu speciālists covers 50 services on the whole territory of Latvia. Ordering tires on the website, the customer can choose which service to deliver the package, and there to "change car.

"That saves not only time but also money for the delivery of the purchased tires do not need to pay. It is also important that in our e-shop offers the only tires that are currently available. We are not tempted customer too "sweet" prices for non-existent goods, so that he, as a result, I bought the more expensive tires. The tires that are on the site are available. All honest and transparent," says Jenin.