the website DeepMind, which consists of one page, says that the company is developing "learning algorithms for General purpose", which are used in simulation, e-Commerce and games.

Re/code notes that DeepMind well known among specialists and is large by the standards of the field of artificial intelligence company: it exists at least three years and it employs more than fifty people.

In the number of founders DeepMind includes Demis Хассабис (Demis Hassabis) - game designer, neuroscientist and chess player. Хассабис five times (more than anyone else) won the championship in intellectual games Pentamind.

Google confirmed the fact of purchase DeepMind, but did not disclose the amount of the transaction. According to Re/code, the company had cost Google a $ 400 million. The Financial Times calls the amount in USD 495 million, indicating that DeepMind become the largest European deal Google