Laura Wasser is one of the most prominent and skilled lawyers who handled divorce cases of Hollywood stars. In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, she said that now is working with several famous clients on the preparation of documents for dissolution of marriage. According to the lawyer, comes the season of divorce, which always follows the winter break and the ceremony of "Oscar" - many stars didn't want to call unnecessary attention of the media procession down the red carpet alone. Wasser, as any lawyer with a good reputation, did not disclose the names of these clients. Sometimes even her colleagues do not know, over whose case it works.

47-summer Wasser is a veteran of the Hollywood divorces. Her clients include the ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria Shriver, Denise Richards (divorce with Charlie sheen), Kim Kardashian (divorce with Chris Humphries), Angelina Jolie (the divorce with Billy Bob Thornton), Britney Spears (divorce with Kevin more).

In the interview she revealed some secrets of stellar separations to reduce the influence of the media. According to her, to make official statements best before the long weekend - this time people are busy with their own Affairs and paying less attention to secular news. Even better, if at the time of divorce claims another celebrity couple, then the attention of the media and the public is divided. "I tell my clients, - said Vasser, - that there is another couple of names I can not name, but you better to wait and apply at the same time".

As one of the most successful cases, it referred to divorce Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith at the date of this announcement, on the advice Wasser, the couple had already settled all property and other matters and the issue of divorce was only a legal formality. However, on the agreement of stellar lawyers and clients had to work for about a year and a half, but managed to avoid the intervention of the tabloids in an already difficult process.

Herself Laura Wasser was married once, and briefly. She has two sons from different men. However, she argues that it is not opposed to marriage as a social institution, even though she doesn't want to marry anymore. "I would not want people to think I don't believe in love and strong relationship, it is not, she says. - I know a lot of happy and long marriages".