We will remind that yesterday it became known about the positive doping samples the notorious Meldonium (Mildronate) the Olympic champion 2014, world champion in 2015 and the champion of Europe in 2016 and short track Seeds Elistratova and five-time world champion in speed skating Paul Kulizhnikov.

"We will fight for full vindication of our athletes. There is a chance of lab error and we have indisputable evidence that the athletes had not used the drug intentionally," — began his speech Kravtsov.

"Facts. The Semen Elistratov. He passed a drug test on January 24 in Sochi, which gave a negative result. Before that, on January 23, the doping test was also negative. Thus, it appears that, almost as a European champion, Simon took Meldonium, which is not a stimulant and does not give any advantages, sure, I would go to doping control.

On Kulizhnikov. The story is almost a mirror image. Doping-control, which Paul passed on 13 February in Kolomna, gave a negative result. And on the 14th of February, he also for some reason takes Mildronate. We are conducting an internal investigation. Hired a British law company that will represent athletes at hearings of the disciplinary Commission of the International skating Union. Also, conduct surveys of athletes on a polygraph. These surveys were Elistratov, Kulizhnikov and another athlete from the national team in short track, the name of which I do not want to name. Surveys on the polygraph were also the doctors of the national team. And these polls have given the answer is negative: none of the athletes and doctors this drug after January 1, not used", — assured the head of the RCDS.

Kravtsov also confirmed that the message on the introduction of the drug Meldonium (Mildronate) to the prohibited list from 1 January 2016, the Union received back in October of last year. "We immediately suspended deliveries and have destroyed all stocks that were. Therefore, today the basic version, which we took in the struggle for the vindication of our athletes, is this: illegal drugs our leaders spiked the partners of the national team. We have reason to think so, and if we prove it, they all, of course, will be ruthlessly disqualified. All the poll results on the polygraph that were made by highly qualified specialists in accordance with all the rules, we will ship to the UK for obtaining a third opinion," concluded the President of the RCDS.

It should be added that in the course of yesterday it became known the names of one of the Russian speed skaters, whose test showed a positive result for Meldonium. This is the champion of Europe-2015 in the relay at short track Ekaterina Konstantinova. That's about it, Kravtsov spoke at a press conference, referring to "another athlete from the national team on short track".