Only one world leader wants the UK out of the EU: Vladimir Putin. Starting with the tweets of the Russian Embassy in London and ending the program of Russia Today TV channel that Russia is pushing the idea of exit.

Why? We in England could not be noticed, but Russia is conducting a stress test of Europe, writes the Independent.

The Kremlin, the victim of EU sanctions imposed on him as punishment for the invasion of Ukraine, doing everything possible to break the will of the Europeans.

His first weapon in this fight – Syrian refugees. The commander of the NATO forces in Europe Philip Breedlove warned that Russia, along with Assad regime uses immigrants as a weapon, in an attempt to overwhelm European institutions.

Russian warplanes bombed civilian population in the North of Syria, turning this country into a producer of refugees. Russia hopes that the wave of refugees arriving to Germany, forcing Berlin to lift the sanctions, but would this influx ceased.

The second weapon of Russia – the European fascists. The Kremlin, in the past, supporting the extreme left in Europe is now a sponsor of the extreme right. In France it is done openly – xenophobic "national front" marine Le Pen is funded by Russian banks.

In Central Europe, Russia has been funding right-wing underground organization. They all oppose the European Union.

What does Moscow? The head of Angela Merkel, I'm sure Independent.

NATO experts warn that Moscow is trying to overthrow Merkel, the "controller" of the European consensus on the issue of sanctions. Propaganda, the Kremlin hopes, will push the European extreme right-wing refugees. Russia is using the TV and YouTube to stir up anti-migrant hysteria throughout the European Union.

Kremlin propaganda also promotes the idea of British exit from the EU.

Putin has two objectives. First, he wants to stop further expansion of Europe, so that States such as Ukraine or Georgia, will forever remain in the twilight of the Euro-Russian area, where he can use military force whenever he pleased.

Secondly, he wants the disintegration of the bloc and its 500 million people, considerably exceeding the population of Russia. He wants to deal with 28 weak and small countries, to which Russia will pursue a policy of "divide and conquer".

Supporters of the withdrawal of Britain from the EU say only one in the UK, completely ignoring the fact that such a step can help the reactionary dictator to achieve their goals.

Split the EU, with fragmented the common market, will allow Russia to be far more influential than Britain, that would be worse scenario than the current status quo, writes the Independent.