"As the model is plus-size I have been working for 5 years. I took part in the campaigns of Rosme, Vaide, worked in Russia," - said DELFI Izklaidе Tatiana. Lindenblatt when Christine asked her to represent Latvia in this unique contest, she never for a moment doubted.

She thinks that Latvians have yet to show the female beauty, which gives preference to the rest of the world for many years. "Industry models plus-size in recent years is developing rapidly. Skinny girls are no longer in fashion! Of course, tendencies in Latvia is delayed for a couple of years, this wave has not yet reached.

We have many designers, but not everyone is ready for such change, most still adhere to the usual model types. Therefore, in Latvia there are not so many models of plus size, because we do little work, and consequently no competition," said Tatyana, who are successfully working abroad.

The owner of the female form is confident that anticipated summer beauty pageant will move the ice in this industry in Latvia. "We are still imposing the standard that the normal woman is the 36-th and 38-th size clothing. It's time to prove that curvy ladies can be beautiful and confident. I want to inspire Latvian women not ashamed of their curves. Important not the size and proportion. If the woman takes care of himself, she can look very beautiful when wearing big size," said the model.

She also periodically get the desire to drop a few pounds, however what Tatiana does not want to lose is your feminine proportions. "Yes, I want to lose some weight, but never wanted to be skinny.

I think overweight women can be very cute. I want to believe that the Ms competition.Top of the World Plus Size 2016, many in Latvia will open your eyes and allow you to look at femininity from a new point of view", - believes Tatiana.

Authors photo: Pauline Wiluna, Lena Mezentseva, Oleg Zernov, Svetlana Mandrikova, Sergey Ferdinand.