1. Unnecessary things

To the energy of Qi could circulate freely on your house, get rid of unnecessary stuff. Remember, if the things you touched more than a year - it is useless." Note also that old things in the house have a certain energy, and not always positive. So feel free to part with unnecessary things.

2. Too many decorations

When your apartment is filled with lots of paintings, painted mirrors, gifts, flowers, this slows down the flow of Qi energy. You should choose only a few ornaments, which activate the energy of success, love and health. So the pair of candles perfectly fit into the bedroom. Picture with a view of the mountains - in the office.

3. Mirrors in the bedroom

No in any case should be mirrors in the bedroom. Well, if this is not possible, you should at least not be reflected asleep. That is, remove the mirror away from the bed. After all, if you отражаетесь asleep, it takes you energy, provokes controversy, if the sleeping pair, and also takes away energy health.

4. Figures-horror

Remember that the main principle of Feng Shui is that you should surround only the things that you like. Brought from Thailand dragon fangs - not the best activator of positive energy. The same applies to gift-masks - they not only look frighteningly, and set you on the negative.

5. Collision elements

Very it is important to face in your interior contradictory elements. For example, fire, and water. This is especially the kitchen. After all, if toaster, stove and microwave put next to the sink, your finances will "flow". After all, the kitchen is the most important area for attracting financial well-being. If it is impossible to make a permutation, put between two elements of a product from a tree. This can be as wooden locker and just cooking utensils.