The aim of the new Directive is to ensure that children understood the process and could follow him. The bill provides that every convict and a suspect in the age of 18 should have the right to counsel and the presence in most parts of the trial of a person who has parental responsibility.

The Directive also ensures the young participants of criminal proceedings the right to "individual needs assessment" and medical examination, if the child is placed under arrest.

According to the Directive, the member countries of the EU are obliged to ensure that deprivation of liberty applied to minors only in extreme cases and for a short time. Detained children must be kept separately from adults, unless it is contrary to the interests of the child.

According to statistics, in the EU territory each year in criminal cases are more than million children.

The text of the Directive still needs to be approved by the EU Council and published in the Official Gazette. On the introduction of new norms into the national legislation of participating countries will allocate three years.

Denmark and the United Kingdom refused to obey the new Directive.