As noted in the report on the activities of the IB, the last year has decreased and the interest of the aliens themselves to the program residence permits in exchange for investments. This was largely due to the deterioration of the economic situation in Russia and the fall of the ruble. In addition, the decline in interest was caused by the increase in the required amount of investment in real estate property with 150 000 to 250 000 euros, but less foreigners in the past year has also sought to obtain a residence permit in exchange for investments in entrepreneurial activity and on financial investments.

Last year, this program has been issued a residence permit 1260. Most foreigners are still interested in the residence permit for investments in real estate. Most often, the residence permit is requested by the citizens of Russia, who made up 61% of the total number of applicants for a residence permit. In second place were the citizens of Ukraine, followed by citizens of China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Egypt.

Considering the applications received, the IB last year recommended not to issue a residence permit to foreigners 38, which is four times more than in 2014. Approximately 60% of cases were discovered economic risks, for example, there is a reasonable suspicion of possible illegal laundering of money against candidates in their countries of residence were initiated criminal proceedings for economic crimes, etc.

In 30% of cases there was a reasonable suspicion that the applicant may be used in the interests of foreign intelligence services, linked with the ongoing Russia's compatriots policy or involved in international organized crime.

Last year the BOP began to re-examine the candidacy of foreigners who received a residence permit five years ago and needs to re-register. After the inspection, it was decided to cancel the residence permit 25 persons.