Cyber criminals hacked the computer systems of the company a few weeks ago and since then have put online portions of the stolen materials. This time the Network got a part of such television series as "Curb your enthusiasm", "White crow", "Players" and "Deuce", which was supposed to be aired in the autumn, according Rеuters.

In a statement on the matter on 13 August statement, the company's management, HBO said it has no plans to enter into negotiations with the hackers and will not comment every time, the criminals upload a new batch of stolen.

The company has previously acknowledged that its computer system was hacked, and the hackers demand from HBO a multimillion-dollar ransom. Among the stolen proved, in particular, script drafts not yet released episodes of the seventh season of "Game of thrones" that is now on television, as well as contact details of employees in this series, the actors.