• The age of the Prince was the most deadly for pop musicians

  • The peak age of death for rock and pop artists &mdash

    Scientists who analyzed the circumstances and age of death more than 12 thousand of popular musicians over the years 1950-2014, came to the conclusion that most members of this group of the population die at 56, 57 and 62 years. About it reports The Washington Post.

    Theodore Dianna Kenny from the University of Sydney found that "club 27" — the phenomenon of death rock musicians at age 27 (Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse) — is rather a myth.

    The peak age of death for rock and pop artists — 56 years (2.3% of deaths), age at death Prince (57 years old) is in third place.

    In addition, Kenny found that the life expectancy of musicians is almost 25 years less than U.S. residents on average, the chances of death from accidents is five to ten times higher, the number of suicides is two to seven times more. Life rock and pop musicians, full of sorrow and suffering, emphasizes the scientist.

    The idea of the "27 club" was born not on the basis of statistics, stresses Kenny, and thanks to the coincidence: in 1970-m to year at this age I left the life of Jimmy Hendrix, just two weeks later — Janis Joplin, and next year — Jim Morrison. All of them were under 27 years old, and the brightness of the talent of these musicians has forced fans to pay attention to a strange phenomenon.

    We will remind, the singer Prince died at age 57 in a recording Studio in Minnesota. Emergency personnel found by unconscious in the Elevator of the Studio. The Prince tried to render first aid, but to save him failed, the man died 30 minutes after he found.

    It was reported that the exact cause of death will be known after the autopsy. It is known that a few days before his death, the Prince was hospitalized after a drug overdose.

    Prince is a multiple winner of awards "Grammy", "Oscar" and "Golden globe".


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