"Life goes on," said the owner of Kirita Galloy at the opening ceremony. "We were eagerly waiting for this moment. Now life is back", — she told reporters, raising the iron bars that covered the window of the restaurant.

Four months ago, November 13, at the hands of terrorists in Petit Cambodge killed three people. In the weeks after the attack people were bringing to the restaurant, flowers and candles in memory of the victims.

As writes the edition, the interior of the restaurant remained the same and the team — all 17 people who worked in Petit Cambodge before the attack, returned to their places in the kitchen and in the hall. The only innovation was a small mosaic in the back of the restaurant — 13 small white squares in the memory of the tragedy.

The attack on Petit Cambodge is one of a series of terrorist attacks that rocked Paris on 13 November last year. The victims were 130 people, hundreds were injured. Only in Paris restaurants that 39 people died, 90 were killed in the Bataclan theatre. The building will be renovated and will open before the end of the year.