Responsible representative of the enterprise Rigas satiksme (RS) Baiba Bartashevich:

What makes RS, if the "hare" doesn't pay the fine?

If the fine is not paid on time, the company Rigas satiksme has the right to transfer the debtor firm to recover the debt or apply to the court (and demanded to pay the court costs).

In some cases, RS is drawn to the firm for debt recovery, and in which - the court?

Initially, information is transmitted to the firm for debt recovery. If you get a refund fails, it is sent to the court.

What should be the amount of debt that RS is in the process of his recovery?

If the fine is not paid on time, this is the basis for starting a procedure for debt collection. The amount of debt it does not matter.

How much time is given for payment of the fine?

A fine should be paid within 30 days.

If the case was submitted to a firm of debt collection or court, the RS shall inform the debtor?

No, the debtor additionally not informed about this.

Failure to pay fines for driving "hare" has some relationship with the police? That is, the police are informed?

Police this information is not shared

What is the penalty supposed to "hare"?

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