Peter Madsen claims that landed the journalist in one of the Islands in the vicinity of Copenhagen before the collapse of the vessel.

The partner of the journalist raised the alarm early Friday morning. She was the only passenger on Board the submarine "Nautilus" in this journey.

At about this time the submarine went to the bottom, but Madsen was saved. He explains that by the fact that "a small problem in ballast tank contributed to the accident" where the ship sank.

"Nautilus" sank in 30 seconds, I couldn't close the hatches, was unable to do anything, - said Madsen. - Although it is good, otherwise I would have stayed inside".

Police have not been able to examine the wreck. The submarine lies at the bottom of the Bay of køge South of Copenhagen.

Friends of the missing woman told me that her name is Kim wall, she was 30 years old, she worked in new York as a freelance journalist and wrote for the New York Times, the Guardian and Vice magazine.

Police are appealing for witnesses and the security cameras to determine whether Madsen dropped the woman.

Wall had been writing about Peter Madsen and his submarine. "Nautilus" was built in 2008 and was considered the largest private submarine. Madsen raised money for its construction through crowdfunding.