In the language Centre on Monday about this said Deputy head of the faction VL-TB/LNNK in EP Dainis Locis. He emphasizes that the word "kepka" is varvaresos in the Latvian language, because adopted from the Russian language. And it cannot become a trademark in Latvia.

The locis notes that the cap in Latvian called "cepure ar nagu" or "naģene", and the decision of Ushakov to use the word "kepka" to refer to "mountains of waste" on street of A. Deglava, according to him, is unacceptable.

In addition, like the Locis, according to the agreement with the Ministry of environmental protection and regional development, after the project implementation is recultivation of the territory of the mountain it was necessary to keep intact for five years, and the RD is not in compliance, and residents allowed into the territory.

"We asked for explanations from the Committee of the Riga city Council's security and order, to prevent inefficient use of EU funds attracted for the project with the help of the state," said Locis.

As reported, the Patent office acknowledged the recorded Ushakov filed the trademark "Cap Ushakov". The mayor of the capital as a private person has applied for registration of this trademark in three languages — Latvian, English and Russian (Cyrillic and Latin). Now until October 24, Ushakov must pay a fee in the amount of 3620 euros to trademark has been registered.

Cap Ushakov, the residents called an artificial hill in the district Plavnieki, this name uses and the mayor.

As previously explained Ushakov, he wants to register the trademark "Cap Ushakov" only because someone else started under this name to produce something "very questionable". He also stressed that he has no plans to officially name the hill in Plavnieki "Cap Ushakov".