"I would like to congratulate Roger. He, however, laughs. Well, he's an asshole, that's fine," as he began his speech Wawrinka.

Federer, hearing these words, smiled and said later that his laughter wanted to cheer Stanislas.

"When he looked at me, I didn't want he saw my sad face. I began to laugh as if to say that everything is fine and everything will be fine, ' said Federer, adding. — Well, it is a word in my address recited many times. So I take it as a compliment. Camera's not everywhere, and I sometimes called. Even quite often, actually. On the court, though, it happened for the first time, but turned out pretty good".

It remains to add that the 35-year-old Federer has now won the 25th tournament of a series "masters" in his career and 90-th the title at all.