This time, Jonas was the strongest at the Grand Prix of Patagonia-Argentina. Latvian pilot KTM won the qualification and had a landslide victory in both major races ahead of the competition by four and three seconds respectively. That's one of the episodes when Jonas (No. 41) ahead of team-mate Spaniard Jorge Prado Garcia.

This is the second victory of Latvian in the new season. First he won in late February at the Grand Prix of Qatar, however, then in Indonesia Jonas acted not so successfully (earned only 7 points). However now, after three rounds of the Latvian rider took the second place in the overall standings and is second three points only Swiss, Jeremy Seaver (Suzuki).

The Results Of The Grand Prix Of Argentina-2017. MX2 (sum of points for two runs):

1. Paul Jonas (Latvia, KTM) 25 25=50 points
2. Jorge Prado Garcia (Spain, KTM) 20 20=40
3. Jeremy Seaver (Switzerland, SUZUKI) 16 22=38

Position in the world championship 2017 in motocross MX2 after 3 stages:

1. Jeremy Seaver (Switzerland, SUZUKI) — 110 points
2. Paul Jonas (Latvia, KTM) — 107.
3. Benoit Paturel (France, YAMAHA) — 104.