Several years ago a resident of the County of Leicestershire Peter Davies took the name Patricia, changed the documents and decided on hormone therapy. "I began to talk about some of the neighbors, says Davis. — The answer: don't worry, it makes you happy".

From early childhood he felt that he was not like other boys, but to admit it was unsafe. "People don't understand what transgender. Even professional doctors," explains Davis. In those days, he threatened to electroshock treatments, and imprisonment. "They thought they can fix you, and didn't realize that it is not a disease that can be cured," said the woman.

In 1945, 18-year-old Peter was drafted into the army. When Germany surrendered, he was sent to the far East, where there was fighting with Japan, and then to India. Over the next three years he served in Palestine and the British colonies in East Africa.

After the army he started to work as an industrial photographer and married. The marriage was happy and lasted for 63 years. 60 years of age he told his wife his secret. She received the news with understanding and tried to help her husband, hiding his transgender. This continued until her death six years ago.

In 2015, Davis caught the eye of a British sitcom Boy Meets Girl, the main character played by actress-transgender Rebecca Ruth. This convinced Peter that the mores have changed and helped decide on a sex change.

"Feel like a stone fell from his shoulders. I used to live in a lie," shared Patricia.