Cold laser vision correction according to LED technology.

Traditionally the most advanced technology vision correction with guaranteed results come for the patients of the Baltic States in this clinic.

We were asked to comment on the clinic's medical Director Oleg Kovrigina the situation with dramatic hardware upgrade.

Yes indeed the new technology allows faster ,twenty times what the newest excimer laser to vision correction. And many times more precisely, as the "laser spot" is much smaller in size.

So we just throw away and femtosekundnykh excimer laser, this last stage of development of ophthalmology. Brand new made in Germany laser LASERSOFT applied technology IQ-LASIK allows to get vision after laser correction.

Of course new technology is not everyone can afford, and some clinics are trying to develop a resource already acquired excimer lasers, but it is not our way. Our patients deserve more, the best result of vision correction. Our leading ophthalmic surgeon Andrey Radko with experience of over 50000 thousand well spent vision correction (the greatest experience in the Baltic States) noted the softness of the SSD to the new laser and predictability of the excellent results our patients.

And the clinic "New Vision" make in 2016 a delightful gift to all the patients, despite the fact that new technology is much more expensive for the clinic, we reserve a special "introductory price" on the price level of 2015. And it is now possible to get the opportunity to make a new cold laser vision correction at the old price.

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