"Except for Fridays, resolved to make the output for the public sector environment and the Thursday, Friday will also be non-working for educational organizations of primary, secondary and basic level", — quotes the edition of the Vice-President of the country, Aristóbulo Isturiz.

Thus, the working days will remain Monday and Tuesday, and the rest of the week will be output until, until the crisis ends. It is reported that educational institutions will continue to work four days a week – the first time the working week was shortened by decree of the President from five to four days in early April.

Now it is assumed that such a schedule will operate until at least 6 June. The energy crisis in Venezuela is associated with drought. Since January here reduced water supply, in the same month, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced an emergency economic situation in the country for a period of 60 days. On 11 March, the regime was extended for another 60 days.