The accident happened on April 27 at about 18.00 at the intersection of Marias and the Boulevard of Rainis. According to police, the vans, one after another moved down the street Marias, when the part of the Boulevard of Rainis they do not give way to another vehicle.

The first two drivers of the minibus braked sharply, but the third driver of the van did not have time to do so and crashed into them from behind. Major damage to the minibus is not received.

The crash injured seven people — passengers of minibuses. The police say that the injuries they have are not serious, but six (one male and five female) were taken to hospital, according to BNS. The victims diagnosed with contusions on their faces and heads, and in one case there is a suspicion on a fracture of a nose. Doctors assess the injuries as light.

Another victim was a seven year old girl. After examination doctors found her injuries and released the girl home together with parents.