He noted that those residents who want to keep their children Russified names, propaganda work.

"When talking with them, we explain that the goal — tajikization names, they understand. If the situation does not change, in 10 years our children will be divided into two groups, one will be proud of its Tajik names, the other might be wrong. We should have the national and Patriotic feelings", — said Rakhimov.

According to him, from now on, names will be formed with the help of the Tajik endings "zod", "zod", ",", "yen" and "headlights".

The relevant amendments to the legislation of Tajikistan were approved by the lower house of Parliament in January. The new rules apply only to citizens of the Tajik nationality, others have the right to give children names in accordance with their traditions.

In 2014, the attorney General of Tajikistan Salimzoda Sherkhon expressed dissatisfaction with the growing popularity among youth of the Russian writing of surnames and patronymics. In his opinion, the rejection of writing Tajik in favor of the Russian suffix indicates "low level of self-awareness and patriotism among young people, as well as shortcomings of the education system.

The campaign for national writing of surnames in Tajikistan earlier initiated by the President of the Republic Emomali Rahmon. In 2007, he called for a "return to cultural roots" and to restore the spelling of the names in the name of the father, as it was to Soviet power.

In the beginning of this year in Tajikistan, a government resolution was renamed last locality with a Russian name: the name of the Tajik Buston went to the town of Chkalovsk.

The process of renaming of cities and districts of Tajikistan was launched in the early 2000s. at that time, President Emomali Rahmon oblast Leninabad was renamed Sughd, the city of Ura-tube — in istarafshan, Garm district of the Rasht. In 2011, the country massively new titles got the street Pushkin, Lenin, Gagarin, Gogol.

New names appeared at the mountain tops. In 2006, peaks of Lenin and the Revolution were, respectively, the peaks named after Abu Ali Ibn Sino and Istiqlol. In 1999 Communism peak was named in honor of statesman Ismail Somoni.