We will remind that after the report of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency WADA, the international athletics Federation disqualified Russian athletics Federation for an indefinite period. Thus, the Russian athletes can't participate in international competitions.

Meanwhile, Portland have become known the names of the first Champions in the pole vault. In the men competition with the result of 6.02 m defeated Frenchman Renaud lavillenie on, and women with a record world Championships (4,90) was the first American Jennifer sur.

Let us add that the Lavillenie tried to set a world record at the height of 6,17 m, but all three attempts failed.

Latvia in FIFA world Cup and 2016 in Portland will represent only one party — the country's record holder in the 800 meters at the premises of the League Welfare.

The total prize Fund of the American world Cup 2016 will be 2почти 2.5 million dollars. Winners in individual categories will receive $40 000 for gold, $20,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze. For setting a world record athlete will be awarded an additional check for $50 thousand..