"They came under artillery fire. Our two Russian soldiers and two Syrian soldiers were killed", — said Vyacheslav Pavlyuchenko, who served with Burgundy. According to him, this happened on Tuesday and the names of other victims he doesn't know.

Burgundy is one of the senior Russian officers, he commanded the intelligence. It is expected that the body of Burgundy will be delivered in part in his native city of Sevastopol. He will be buried Saturday, said Pavlyuchenko and confirmed a person close to the fleet.

The Russian defense Ministry did not respond to a request for comment. Later, however, the defense Ministry confirmed the death of Burgundy. The Agency that leads the RIA "Novosti", said that the Russian military adviser major Sergei Burgundy was killed in Syria in the militant attack on a military garrison.

The officer responsible for the preparation of Syrian troops prevented a breakthrough of terrorists in the residential town, taking over the command of the Syrian military. "During the fight the officer was fatally wounded. The command of major Sergei Burgundy presented to the state award posthumously", — stated in the message.

The message about the death of the second soldier in the defense Ministry called another misinformation.

According to the Ministry of defense, in Syria killed about 30 soldiers from September 2015. However, according to Reuters, the loss is understated by four times, although the war Department on the eve denied the report, calling it an attempt "to divert attention from the fake show with the alleged himachali from the air in the Syrian Khan Sheyhun".

According to Reuters, we are talking about the 21 dead soldiers involved in the battles in Syria and in the battle of Palmyra, while in the defense Ministry confirmed the death of only five people.

Last month, the journalists collected information on 18 killed Russians in Syria, based on interviews with friends and acquaintances of the victims, social media posts, as well as on official data from the Russian cemeteries. The names of three more victims — Alexei Safonov, Vladimir Plucinska and Mikhail Nefedov — the Agency established in April discussions with their loved ones.