Zī Zē and again await students returning from spring break, full of energy, enthusiasm and ready to start in a "Championship ZZ".

Zī: "I had a lot of the world, but these cool children and adolescents in Latvia I have never met. Each of us has a zest. Here, for example, Zē also have special talents. I unique his inexhaustible joie de vivre. It follows from everything else that I like and good at: the ability to extract from vinyl records rhythms that force others to dance. And can surprise your culinary skills".

Zē: "who do you think is most like to listen to the guitar sound and feel underfoot skateboard? All you Latvian students — special! Show us your uniqueness, engage your imagination, creative ingenuity of the whole team and prove that you have the most stylish application. See you in your school during our tour or in the semi-finals!".

For homework you only need to include your imagination, do not be afraid of crazy ideas, the most unbelievable use of auxiliary materials! Until April 8 does your team have the ability to surprise us with the most stunning and creative homework!

For further information about the conditions of application and the schedule of the tour on schools can be found on www.zzcempionats.lv. If we visit your school, come to draw new ideas and get a boost of energy from the team "ZZ Championship".

You can meet and Zī Zē and make a selfie on March 21 at the following schools:

Riga secondary school n. a. Jānis Jaunsudrabins, Dzirnavu str., 4, at 11:00