As usually happens — the relationship is already started, you seem to be close, but still I think, and that's the man to go through life to Look at, of course, but anyone trying to show their best side and it's completely natural. To lift the mask will help the uncontrolled actions and behavior. Researchers note that the behavior of men during sex is an expression of his true attitude towards women. In order to make it easier to navigate in the subject, men divided into groups according to their inherent sexual manners.

1.The guardian

Such a man always casts doubt on your behavior during sex. In the process he constantly wondered: "do You like it?", "You not hot?" or "am I hurting You?" It would seem that there is a manifestation of caring, but to decrypt it to be so... This person wants to do the right thing not only in sex, he is gentle, kind, helpful, and even slightly submissive. Will not get tired of? Because we want in life lead us, and not we. Well, if you are applying for a leadership role, consider that found the perfect partner.

2. Silent

The opposite of the guardian is silent. Makes minimal sounds during sex or does not issue them at all. Just changing the rhythm of breathing — nothing else. The alarm signal. To understand when it is final, difficult. And still waters, as you know... So in a real relationship with him can be difficult. The difficulty is that such men do not like to discuss problems, and sooner or later it must be done. To speak out, trusting the partner's good and bad, to disassemble all the bones and put back together again. Undecideds do it reluctantly, don't see the point. Their ideal partner must have the abilities of clairvoyance, to keep a long term Union.

3. Romantic

Dirty talk to excite — it's not for him. Romance prefer to talk about how irresistible you — "You're beautiful!" "You have such soft skin", "I'm lost in your eyes", "Wow!" Such behavior of men during sex says that you met a wonderful person. You are his partner and he gives you the love from my heart.

4. Violent

His motto in sex life: the more, the better. He is in the bedroom wild conqueror. Cheers to you, and mainly yourself, obscene words, and never stops at the same position. One or two such adventures may diversify your sex life, but for a wide sense such men are not created. They tend to change in essence and sex in their lives will always stand in the foreground.

5. Good sense of humor

Perhaps to many it will seem strange, but imagine that some men like to make jokes during sex. Live with a smile — great. But when the habit to have fun a man brings to bed, most women find it annoying. "You're doing it well!" he said with a smile and continued to smile, though he is not in the process, and as an observer".

This is the case when the trick no need to wait. You can count on a happy life together with fun if you get used to inappropriate comments and smiles for any occasion.

Instead of a conclusion

If you already love and have linked their lives with a person whose characteristic is not ideal in the view of researchers, the above information will help you better understand it and not expect from him that has not laid in it nature and nurture.

And again. In the beginning we talked about the fact that bringing the man to clean water will help his unconscious actions. With sex we more or less figured out, but there are still a few situations in life in which is exposed nature — the state of alcoholic intoxication and driving style. Analyze and draw the right conclusions!