In addition to the budgeted 304 million Euro the state will allocate for teachers ' salaries 9 million euros. In the following years is planned to allocate 27 million euros every year, but official agreement has not yet been achieved. The Minister of education and science Karlis Sadurskis promised that the correct amount will be displayed as abnormal if in September, teachers ' salaries will increase, and in January will be reduced again.

MES will allocate funds for teachers ' salaries to local authorities who, without redistributing money between schools, submit it to the Directors. As a result, should increase the responsibility of school Directors. The Director will receive an additional 13% for so-called motivation Fund, from which teachers plan to pay extra for additional responsibilities.

As explained in mon, now a teacher working 21 hours that is one bet, in exchange for 420 euros. According to the new model, the teacher will work 30 hours per week, including 21 contact hours. If a teacher works 40 hours, which is 1.9 bets in exchange for 798 euros, according to the new model the same number of hours are expected to reach 1.3 rates and wages — 884 euros.

As calculated by the Ministry, teacher of the third degree qualification, 40 working hours, after the reform will receive euros instead of 1057 859 euros, and the salary of the teacher of the fourth degree will increase from 1029 1247 Euro to Euro account payments out of the Fund of motivation.

The new model will be introduced through amendments to existing regulations, and not entirely new principles. Teachers will be introduced a 30-hour working week 21 lesson and nine hours of preparation.