The tragic incident occurred on 18 March at about noon. The young man came to school and began to sort things out with his girlfriend, beating her. The place was called the police.

The young man started a fight with a school girl after gym class. Gym teacher tried to protect the girl, but the attacker fell and the teacher, reports "Interfax".

The girl took refuge in the principal's office, but the young man, bursting there, attacked a school principal who tried to protect the student. Then the young man struck the girl a fatal blow with a knife and then stabbed himself with a knife in the neck. The death of girls and boys came on the scene.

According to classmates of the deceased girl, a young man recently frequently harassed her after the breakup.

"She said they are just friends. He often beat his girlfriend. Maybe out of jealousy, she was also a smoker, and he was against it," said RIA "Novosti" a classmate of the victim. According to her, a young man recently returned from service in the army.

Investigators conducted an inspection, seized a knife and traces of biological origin. The Director and other witnesses interrogated on the case is scheduled forensic examination.