High-profile incident happened in the small farming town of Sidi El Kamel, in the province of Sidi kacem. All children and adolescents participating in the rape of a donkey, he sent for a week in the hospital Mechraa Belksiri. There's minor must be vaccinated against rabies, told the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar in the newspaper on 10 August (note on page 10).

The incident was learned of the local government and began to seek out those who are "closer" to the infected donkey or "looked" on him to prevent further spread of infection.

As noted by the daily, the incident has aroused among the relatives of the rapists "grief and horror". However, the abuse of animals has become a subject for mockery and ridicule from residents of a small town, leading Moroccan newspaper Morocco World News content notes to Al Akhbar.

The parents of some children hastened secretly to vaccinate their children in case they suddenly also had contact with an infected donkey. According to the publication, the number of infected could be much higher because in some cases, adults prefer to take children for vaccination to another region to avoid humiliation.

Local authorities, meanwhile, ordered the owner of the infected ass to kill an animal to eliminate the risk of further spread of the disease. Rabies is a particularly dangerous fatal disease that causes inflammation of the brain in animals and humans. Is transmitted with saliva by the bite of a sick animal.

Al Akhbar is a daily Lebanese newspaper in Arabic, issued in Beirut. Also operates an English-language version.